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We welcome you to join us in an online communion experience. Take Communion online with Us

Communion (The Lord’s Supper) is an ordinance instituted by our Lord (Matthew 26:26-30) and affirmed in the New Testament (1 Corinthians 11:23-30). Communion is not a means for salvation. It is meant for believers who are born again and when they take part in communion; they remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His soon return. The elements of bread and wine/juice are symbols of Jesus’ broken body and shed blood.

Communion must be taken worshipfully with the believer’s faith in the atoning work of Christ on the cross. We recommend communion be taken when the church gathers but since many are confined to their homes, nursing homes or by other circumstances cannot be in a church setting to observe, we provide this opportunity for a virtual communion.

If you use this virtual communion; please connect with us and let us know. Use the form below to tell us.


Pepare your heart
1 Cor 11:26-30


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Juice and either bread or crackers


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