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Faith divinity seminary

Faith Divinity Seminary is powered by Global Church Network. The School is fully online and offers 7 world class credentials for the fields of study in Preaching, Teaching, Healing, Story, The Arts, Christ Formation, and Contextual Semiotics.

Each of these credentialing tracks has seven levels of learning, each level building about the previous one. When students have completed all 7 tracks, they are eligible to apply for the most prestigious credential, Omega.

The Growth track is personalized to the individual, but the Gold, Grand and Global offer small, medium and large extension campuses!

Classes are fully online and available to anyone across the world. Interested in becoming a student?  Fill out this form for additional information.

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Training & Development

myFAITH.center's Bible study library is now digital and gigantic with over 20,000 discipleship videos for kids, youths, and adults.

Faith Discipleship

A Disciple is a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ who imitates the life and teachings of the great master, Jesus Christ.
Discipleship is the process of teaching believers in Christ to become imitators and followers of Jesus Christ as an apprentice. This process is summed up in our missions statement.

Training and Teaching Disciples to help every Christian grow to maturity, fruitfulness and spiritual reproduction in Christ.

Discipleship will literally:
Change lives, Strengthen Families, and Impact our community.

we want every believer to achieve

Spiritual Maturity

Increased Spiritual Fruitfulness

Spiritual Reproduction

Giftedness CLASS